Interested in learning how to work with Redefined, LLC? View our Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about what we do and how we can help.

What is Redefined, LLC?

Our story begins with a purpose. Redefined, LLC is a personal development vehicle operated by nationally-recognized counselor and life coach, Dr. Jesse Sanders, DFMT, NCC. We exist to help individuals, families, and organizations take a detour from life's construction zone to lead to a path of personal growth and opportunities. For more than 20 years, Dr. Saunders has led people to find tenacity and strength to change their circumstances through positive self-inquiry and actions.

Through our coaching, programs, workshops, faith-based approach to transformation, we partner with our clients to create a life filled with freedom.

What is the mission of Redefined LLC?

We partner with individuals, families, and organizations to encourage authentic self-awareness to create a chain reaction of intentional and courageous transformation at all stages of life.

How can counseling/transitional life coaching help?

Your counselor/life coach will partner with you to identify your personal goals for counseling and then tailor counseling to you and your redefining. Your counselor/life coach will be very attentive in understanding your experience and then find ways to assist you in progressive movement. Counseling/Life Coaching is a personalized experience; therefore, the outcome differs from person to person. It consists of different perspective on your experiences, exploring, and discovering things about yourself, becoming redefined in unhealthy patterns of thinking, behavior, and actions. Learning healthy coping tools will be a major part of the counseling/life coaching experience.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up by calling the office at: 614-695-5300 ext. 801 or via email at drjessesanders@iamredefined.org.

What is a discovery session?

A discovery session is the initial 30-minute session with a counselor/life coach to determine if Redefined LLC is best to address your needs. A new client packet will be sent to you via email, to complete. This information is reviewed by a counselor/life coach before the discovery session. At the end of the discovery session, the counselor/life coach will discuss next steps in regard to recommending the appropriate services that may be a good fit for you. In the event that Redefined LLC cannot offer the services that best fit your needs, the counselor/life coach will work with you to get you connected to a more appropriate resource.

Do I need to make an appointment for a session?

Yes, Redefined LLC does not offer walk-in services at this time. 

Why should I talk to a counselor/life coach and not only my family and friends? 

Communicating with family and friends can be a great support and accountability system. However, counselors/life coaches are professionals with specialized training in helping people who are facing difficulties and/or transitions in their lives. Counselors/Life Coaches also provide an “outside”, objective perspective that is different than what you would receive from your family and/or friends. Also, some people don’t feel as though they can confide with some family or friends regarding certain matters.  As a counselor/life coach being a professional, it is our job and purpose to partner with you and finding a redefining solution.

What is the fee of counseling/life coaching services?

Currently, services are offered on a sliding scale (flexible rate) and would be discussed before or during the discovery session.