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Life Coaching

Give Yourself a Chance

Redefined, LLC commits to becoming the “detour” that is essential to families, individuals, and communities. Detours are a deviation from a direct or usual course. You may be currently delayed in transition(s) because of obstacles that slow down your direct course. Redefined, LLC’s Life Coaching programs will help you understand the root of your challenges and give you to tools to combat them.

Redefined may be for you if:

  • You feel lost, stuck, or uncertain about the next phase of your life
  • Are ready for a positive change
  • Need positive reinforcement to create better and strong relationships
  • Want to increase your level of self-awareness and communications

Benefits of Redefined Life Coaching

  • Achieve clarity about what you want and create strategies to make it a reality
  • Gain confidence to overcome self-doubt and fear
  • Develop critical thinking skills that allow you to make more conscious decisions
  • Accountability, support, and encouragement

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