Redefining Free Discovery Intake Session


The beginning of acknowledgement and healing is confronting the pain (acute mental or emotional distress or suffering; trouble, care, or effort taken to accomplish something). While driving in a work construction zone we are always instructed to drive slower and to pay attention to the road and the surroundings.  

*Please specify via telephone or internet when scheduling for this particular session*

Group and Family Redefining Detour Session

The family is the most important unit of society. The family is not only the basic societal unit. Therefore, we will take a holistic practical approach to redefine, empower, educate, and promote authentic togetherness for the entire family unit.

Individual Redefining Detour Session

Life at occasions has taken us for a ride or two that we did not prepare for mentally during the times we presumed we had a grasp on our lives. I am going to support you by consciously training your mind to think more positive and live the empowering and wealthy life you were created to live.