Redefined Members
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Redefining Family Units

Approximately 50 percent of U.S. families gain a new family unit. The divorce rate is increasing. The essence of the family unit is gradually shifting as time moves on. The family is the most important unit of society. It is also the basic sexual, the basic child-raising, the basic communication, and the basic all-around fun and friendship units. In order for children to learn teamwork and togetherness, their parents/guardians must first learn to function as a unified team.

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Redefining Individuals

The beginning of acknowledgement and healing your mind, body, and soul, is knowing where you stand in the Construction Zone. The Construction Zone is a place that can bumpy, have anomalies, and cause us to feel frustration or anxiety. In life we encounter emotional and transitional construction zones and it’s important to apply the same principles to grow. Learn about our individual coaching/counseling programs to get out of the Construction Zone.

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Redefining Rockets

We’ve all undoubtedly approached a detoured construction zone in our life. In this group, we will learn collective ways to viewing and traveling down our personal detours. The Redefining Rockets group will labor together as a team to empower each other and gain perspective wisdom from each person. It is much easier to become aggravated vs conquering our construction zones. Welcome to the beginning of the new redefining you!

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