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Redefined LLC

Redefined LLC Redefined LLC Redefined LLC

Transforming Fathers and Renewing Families


Transforming, integrating fathers, uniting with families to parent successfully and restoring healthy families.

Our Promise with family therapy is to transform fathers & redefine families

You will walk into greatness with powerful tenacity.

We will help you consciously train your mind positively and live an empowered and abundant life that reflects your undeniable worth and value. 


Finally, we commit to destroy the cycle of depression, suicide, anxiety, and other mental illnesses through our compassionate practices in counseling, family therapy, and life coaching! 

Our Story

Our story begins with a purpose. Redefined, LLC is a personal development vehicle operated by nationally-recognized counselor and life coach , Dr. Jesse Sanders, DFMT, NCC. We exist to help individuals, families, and organizations take a detour from life's construction zone to lead to a path of personal growth and opportunities. For more than 20 years, Dr. Sanders has led people to find tenacity and strength to change their circumstances through positive self-inquiry and actions. Through our coach ing, programs, worksh ops, faith-based approach to transformation, we partner with our clients to create a life filled with freedom.

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When we change the way we think, we ultimately change our lifestyles. It is imperative to implement proven strategies to embracing our inner circles, growth, maintaining healthy environments, and living our lives beyond regrets. Life at occasions has taken us for a ride or two that we did not prepare for mentally during the times we presumed we had a grasp on our lives. We’ve all undoubtedly approached a detoured construction zone in our life. Detours are defined as, “A deviation from a direct course: a roundabout way temporarily replacing part of a route.” In this group, we will learn collective ways to viewing and traveling down our personal detours. The Redefining Rockets group will labor together as a team to empower each other and gain perspective wisdom from each person. It is much easier to become aggravated vs conquering our construction zones. Welcome to the beginning of the new redefining you!